About Us

Vinyl 3-Rail Ranch

We are a company of specialist professionals dedicated to providing only the best fencing solutions, advisory, and products to clients across the country.

Our solutions include;

  • Fencing for residential and industrial properties

  • Fencing advisory; suitable type, perimeter drawing, and engineering analysis

  • Fence products; vinyl and cedar wood fence products

  •  Taking the Drop Vinyl Waste that Fencing companies generate daily, into 3D Vinyl Grinding and 3D Filament Spool Sales to be used in the 3D Printing Process. Our hope is to provide schools 1st domestically and eventually global with free 3D Printers to use in their education systems. 

Our fencing portfolio includes;

  • Privacy Fencing

  • Semi-Privacy Fencing

  • Ranch Rail Fencing

  •  Residential Composite Decks

  •  Porch and Deck Railing Systems

Core Values

  • Trust

  • Fidelity

  • Dependable Customer Relations

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Robert McCuiston: Founder 

Robert is a passionate inventor, an innovator, a veteran and businessman dedicated to creative thinking to make the world a better, and efficient place for all. Robert firmly believes in the ethos of trust, fidelity and the development a great customer relationship.

For Robert, the customer is king. He has a vast understanding of what the customer wants, and he strives diligently to tailor the businesses’ offerings to the satisfaction of the customer. His ethical, customer-centric approach to business means he injects essential social value into each product he introduces to the market, giving back to the customers who make the smart move to do business with the companies he manages.

A certified claims adjuster, Robert has proven experience on the field. He has had hands-on experience in the construction industry, waste management, community leadership; served as mayor of Village of Tamora – Tamora, Nebraska, and marketing.

Robert understands that technology is the future, and knowledge is power. He is an astute reader and critical thinker. His curriculum vitae aptly captures his thirst for knowledge and the desire to use his knowledge to impact his society.

Robert is the Chief Managing Member of Vinyl Cat Fencing, the premium providers of the quality vinyl fence, decking and cedar wood fence products for clients across America.

In his years in the military and through the years of his other endeavors, one thing has always stood out for Robert, and that is his dedication to the present cause. He believes in hard and smart work, and he pursues the same in all his business moves and adventures.

Robert brings a wealth of experience to Vinyl CAT Fencing LLC. His antecedents speak volume of his management expertise, and his experience is a valuable asset for the company.

For Robert, the only direction to keep moving is Forward!


Robin L. Grohman – Operations Manager

Mr. Groham is an indispensable member of the growing Vinyl Cat Fencing LLC Management team, first as its Domestic Regional Support Manager of the MTS 4 Rent Region Locales and more recently as its operations manager.  Robin is an adaptable warehouse and assembly worker with impressive experience in kitting, assembling rifle scopes, material handling, inventory control, inspections, shipping and receiving, and that’s just the beginning.

Mr. Groham has worked under some of the biggest names in the industry; from Vestas Blades of America to Burris Optics and beyond. His trusted expertise has been utilized for the professional building of wind turbine blades, material flow, storage, global order fulfillment, and so much more.

His attractive portfolio of accomplishments includes preparing pallets by following prescribed stacking arrangements, in addition to proper tagging. He further recorded the number of units handled and moved, used daily production sheets and work tickets, used propane and electric forklifts for loading and unloading…basically, going above and beyond the status quo – always.

Robin is a hard-working, dedicated individual with a passion for technology. He is fully proficient in Microsoft Excel and Word, Barcode Scanning, Safety Orientation, and more. His manufacturing background gives him a competitive edge, and he can even lift up to 75lbs. During his time at a previous company, he single-handedly expanded manufacturing operations to Mexico while forming strategies that worked to reduce handling, shipping, and component costs.

When he’s not working, you can find Mr. Groham indulging in basketball, softball, hiking, and fishing. He is not one to settle; is always striving for more. His desire to continue learning keeps him humble, and his humility ensures that his hunger for knowledge is never satisfied. He works with passion and commitment, ceasing to stop unless a job is delivered above and beyond expectations. With a reputation for reducing market times (from 5-day to same-day delivery at a previous company) this valuable team player’s abilities speak for themselves.


KatamreddySudheernath Reddy – Company Engineer

KatamreddySudheernath Reddy, a computer CAD design whiz-kid, inventor, and innovator is responsible for the engineering department of Vinyl CAT Fence LLC. Where he introduces a wealth of experience to the department and the company.
Sudheer has worked as an instructor in CAD design and has had the utmost pleasure to have trained over 100+ employees in the CAD design. He has worked as a CAD Engineer, and have to lead the technical team in the development of a prototype MAV.
His technical, material engineering and management skills are not in doubt. Sudheer is a hard-working, dedicated individual with a passion for technology. He is fully proficient in Microsoft Excel and Word, AutoCAD, CEO, Nx-CAD and Ansys workbench tools.
In his free time, you can always catch him working on his computer, designing and building out a prototype of the next big thing!