Fencing Products

Welcome to the home of fencing products. Here you will find a variety of quality vinyl and cedar wood fence products with various finishes to accent your landscape and surrounding.

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Vinyl Fence product

Vinyl fences were first tested in the early 50’s. The reason behind the move at the time was the desire to produce fencings that could withstand the forces of nature and weather while giving off the same ambiance wood had always given.

It wasn’t until 1984 did the first set of vinyl fencings, and fence products started to hit the American market. Today, vinyl fencings are a preferred fence product for decks, pickets, and perimeters. They are UV protected and as such do not wilt, are family friendly, non-toxic, maintenance free, and they wear gracefully over time.

Vinyl fences are made from fully recyclable materials, easy to install, graffiti resistant, and they often carry a lifetime guarantee.

We offer vinyl fencing products in a variety of finishes for;

  • Privacy Fencing
  • Semi-Privacy Fencing
  • Picket Fencing
  • Ranch Rail Fencing
  • Porch/Deck Railing
  • Installation Accessories

Take a pick from the variety of finishes we have in stock;


Cedar Wood Fence product

Cedarwood like the bald head eagle is one of America’s pride. The Cedar trees are indigenous to the American northwest and Canada, the wood's straight, tight grain makes it the optimal fence material for your privacy or semi-privacy fence.

Cedarwood is durable, long-lasting, and naturally water resistant.

Create the right ambiance with our cedar wood fence products. The product components offer an almost unlimited number of fence styles can be designed and built. From a simple solid board cedar fence panel that provides privacy to horizontal fencing that creates a smart, modern fencing look.

We offer the best quality Western Red Cedar or Siberian Larch to accent your enclosed landscape.

Our Cedarwood fence product with the smart waterproof finish is available. Take a pick from the array of varieties we have in stock.


3D Vinyl Grinding and 3D Filament Spool

As responsible world citizens, we care for the world we live in, and that’s why we take recycling seriously. Our 3D filament spool is generated from recycled vinyl fencing waste, and the spools are made to a variety of colors and sizes for the Assortment of 3D Printers on the market today

Our brand is synonymous with quality and that’s why we only use prime virgin resins, colorants and processing additives to guarantee the best quality. We also utilize advanced extrusion technology and laser micrometers to ensure consistency of our 3D printer filament.

We are manufacturers of 3D filament and plastic spiral binding coils in a variety of sizes and colors. Our spiral binding material is flexible, durable and one of the most popular ways to bind documents.

Whether you’re looking to place a plastic coil order or would like to purchase coil filament for your own bindery, we have the plastic coil product to meet your needs.