Taking on Fence Repairs

Repairs for Vinyl & Wood Fencing of Various Styles


In my years in the Fencing Industry it has come to me from various sources that I’ve studied that Fencing Companies across all fields shy away from Fencing Repair Requests.

 Other Fencing Companies like it easy and simple when it comes to their bottom line, as their bread and butter is New Product Sales and Installations in and out on to the next project.

Vinyl Cat Fencing on the other hand takes a different approach, as we do welcome the opportunity to take on Fencing Repairs albeit they are on a different pricing scale.

Fencing Repairs that come into question that we’ve tackled in the previous year have greeted us with not all being identical. The ambiguity of each repair project is daunting at best and turns into a guessing game of price. We here at Vinyl Cat Fencing understand that all people including our customers are on a tight budget when it comes to home improvements.

Our Pricing Scale when it comes to Fencing Repair Projects is one-size fits all for us to come out with a profit when complete.

   Our PRICING SCALE called “One Post Pricing” is as follows

Regardless of the Style of Fencing, 2-rail vinyl, Vicksburg Partial Privacy, Urban Full Privacy etc. every post for each style takes the equal amount of time to replace. https://youtu.be/USBzmUnq514

   The variance comes to the debris that must be taken to the landfill for disposal, concrete, vinyl panels, vinyl posts most all is not recyclable. Taking this into account we’ve developed the “One Post Pricing” Model $110.00 per post that each project is bid by the number of Posts that need replacement. The $110.00 price includes Materials & Labor.

                                       We thank you for your consideration.

                                                       Vinyl Cat Fencing LLC